Ātman Spiritual Bracelet Collection

Ātman is a Sanskrit word that means inner self, spirit, or soul

My intention for this Collection was to create high-vibrational pieces that would support you on your journey of Self-Discovery, enhance your Connection to the Divine and deepen your relationship to your Inner Being. As you continue on this journey back to YOU, my wishes are that these crystals bring to you love, peace and infinite abundance. 

Details: There were 11 designs created. 11 is Mater number which represents Connection to the Divine and signals that your spirits are present. Each piece will be made to order and placed on an altar for 24 hrs with mantras playing in the background. The Rudraksha and Lotus seeds were brought back from India and were sitting in a wooden box for the past 2 years after being prayed for by a Hindu priest for an entire a week. Every piece will come with a gifted tumbled gemstone as a thank you. 

With muchisimo Amor, Amparo 

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