Flora, meaning "flower," was the Roman Goddess of flowers and spring. 

Just a couple of days before the launch of this Collection, I was going through very challenging lessons. As I cried and shed every single one of my petals leaving me in complete nothingness, I realized that this process will be a part of life until the end of time. In order to know beauty, we must experience mud, yuck and darkness. In that moment when I finally saw light once again, I knew that just like a delicate flower I was beginning to blossom. Only this time, I was growing stronger, more beautiful and with more grace. 

When we surrender to the hardships of life, we understand that life is HAPPENING FOR US and that with every “dark” moment comes mystery, magic and internal strength. These life lessons allow us to experience how much we can endure, pushing us to experience the power that lives within us. 

My wish for you through this Collection is to know that YOU TOO are blossoming, moment by moment, petal by petal, and that these pieces are only an expression of the beauty that is within you.

Every piece will come with a gifted Self-Care Package (Rose Quartz crystal, Sage, Palo Santo and Lavender flowers) + Reiki Healing Energy and an Intuitively picked card.

With gratitude and SO MUCH LOVE from me to you,



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