Mens Strength Bracelet

Mens Strength Bracelet

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GOLD TIGER EYE: Stone of Personal Power

Tiger Eye helps you stay centered and calmly practical despite the ups and downs of life. It helps you balance polarities and accept contradictions, taking life as it comes and responding to the needs of the moment without judgment. It sharpens the senses, promotes intuition and helps one to be practical, centered and grounded. It enhances personal power, allows clarity, good judgement, clear perception and insight, aiding in good decision making.

BLACK ONYX: Stone of Strength

Black Onyx increases concentration and determination. It is a stone of self-mastery, helping one to have self control and anchor one’s flighty energy into more stable way of life. It is a stone of inner strength and endurance, helping one to carry even the most difficult task to the completion. 

Details: Clear stretch cord. Genuine Gemstones. 

All Worn Intentions jewelry comes cleansed, packaged, with description, Reiki Healing Energy and with an intuitively hand picked crystal as a special THANK YOU GIFT.