Abundance Jade Bracelet

Abundance Jade Bracelet

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Jade: is a stone with a heart of healing and a stone for healing the heart. 

It will help you harmonize and balance the heart, helping in both emotional and physical well-being. The color of this stone is connected to our heart chakra and the energies are so strong and steady, one feels a flow of well-being and balance almost immediately upon touching them. Jade attracts abundance, prosperity and broadcast peace and loving- kindness to all those in ones surroundings. It’s the classic abundance stone. It represents the flow of Divine energy into the realm of matter and never ending well go abundance that is the Universe- it promotes the flow of money, fertility and abundance into one’s life.

Moonstone: Stone of New Beginnings. Moonstone is a stone of mystery and of the inward journey, which can take you into your deeper self. It is the perfect stone to wear as you embark a new journey- a new beginning.

Details: Genuine Gemstones with clear elastic cord. Please message if you prefer another size. All of Worn Intentions jewelry comes cleansed, with description, packaged and with Reiki Healing Energy.